Basic Connection

To begin building your view and analyzing the data, first connect Tableau to one or more data sources. A data source can be as simple as an Excel workbook, or as elaborate as a SQL Server or Oracle data warehouse. After connecting and setting up the data source in Tableau, to the data source and preparing the data source for analysis, the data fields become available in the Data window on the left side of the workbook. This section describes the types of data supported and how to create and maintain a basic connection.

  1. Supported Data Sources
  2. Connecting to Data and Editing Data Sources
  3. Using OAuth for Data Connections
  4. Connecting to Data Sources
  5. Connecting to a Custom SQL Query
  6. Initial SQL
  7. Stored Procedures
  8. Replacing Data Sources
  9. Exporting Data Sources
  10. Upgrading Data Sources
  11. Refreshing the Data
  12. Closing Data Sources

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