Data Window

Data fields appear on the left side of the workspace in the Data window. You can hide and show the Data window by clicking the minimize button in the upper right corner of the Data window. The Data window collapses to the bottom of the workbook. Click the minimize button again to show the Data window.

Current data sources are listed at the top of the Data window. Right-click a data source to view a context menu for the data source. See Connecting to Data and Editing Data Sources.
Below the data sources the various fields available in the currently selected data source are listed. You can search for fields in the Data window by clicking the magnifying class icon and then typing in the text box. Right-click the fields in the Data window to access important commands.
Click the View Data icon at the top of the Data window to see the underlying data. See View Data to learn more about viewing the underlying data in a workbook.

The Data window is separated into several areas:

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