Adding Wildcard Match to Filters

Use the Wildcard Tab in the Filter dialog box to define a pattern to filter on. For example, when filtering on email addresses you may want to only include emails from a specific domain. You can define a wildcard filter that ends with "" to only include Google email addresses.

Each option on the Wildcard tab is described below:

Match Value - type a pattern that you want to match dimension members to.
Match Type - Select one of the options below for how to match the pattern.
  • Contains - returns all members that contain the match value anywhere in the string.
  • Starts with - returns members that have the match value at the beginning of the string.
  • Ends with - returns member that have the match value at the end of the string.
  • Exactly matches - returns the members that contain only the match value and nothing else.
Exclude - By default, members that are returned are included in the filter. The reverse this behavior, select the Exclude option. Matched values are excluded from the filter instead.
Include All Values When Empty - When this option is selected, the filter includes all dimension members when the match value couldn't be found at all. This option is selected by default. When cleared, the filter can potentially return zero results and result in a blank sheet.

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