what is Tableau Desktop

  1.  fast analytical and rapid fire business intelligence.
  2.  is a data visualization application that lets you analyze virtually any type of structured data and produce highly interactive, beautiful graphs, dashboards, and reports in just minutes. 
  3. After a quick installation, you can connect to virtually any data source from spreadsheets to data warehouses and display information in multiple graphic perspectives.
  4. Designed to be easy to use, you’ll be working faster than ever before.
  5. Tableau Server is a business intelligence solution that provides browser-based visual analytics anyone can use at just a fraction of the cost of typical BI software. 
  6. With just a few clicks, you can publish or embed live, interactive graphs, dashboards and reports with current data automatically customized to the needs of everyone across your organization.
  7.  It deploys in minutes and users can produce thousands of reports without the need of IT services — all within your IT infrastructure.
  8. Tableau Reader is a free viewing application that lets anyone read and interact with packaged workbooks created by Tableau Desktop.
  9. The company is one of the 50 fastest growing software companies in the U.S.
  10.  Our applications are being used by over 30,000 people worldwide. 
  11. Customers include companies as diverse as Google, Cleveland Clinic, GM, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, the District of Columbia, Allstate, Cornell and Harvard.

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