Hiding and Showing Worksheets

A worksheet that is used in a dashboard or story cannot be deleted, but it can be hidden. You may want to hide a worksheet if you are sharing the dashboard or story with others and don’t want to clutter the workbook with all the supporting worksheets. To hide a worksheet, right-click the worksheet tab and select Hide Sheet.


You can show a hidden sheet from a dashboard that uses it by choosing Go to Sheet on the dashboard view menu. The hidden sheet is shown until you switch to another sheet. While the hidden sheet is showing, you can right-click the sheet tab and select Unhide to unhide it permanently.


As you create stories, you can see the dashboards and views that are included in the story in the Dashboards and Worksheets area. To view a hidden dashboard and worksheet, hover over the icon to the right of the sheet name and click to go to the underlying sheet.

Though you can now see the sheet, it is still officially hidden, which is indicated by the blue background:

The sheet will not show if you publish the workbook, or after you close and reopen it. To unhide the sheet, right-click it and choose Unhide Sheet.
If a story uses a hidden dashboard which in turn uses a hidden worksheet, to see that hidden worksheet you must first go to the hidden dashboard from the story, and then go to the hidden worksheet from the dashboard.


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  2. Probably the most weird piece of software I have ever used. I hid a sheet used in Tooltips. It doesn't show up on the Dashboard. Super weird. I cannot see it anywhere.

    So, the solution is to remove it from the tooltips and it will reappear... what? Wait, what? I guess it makes sense but still.