Tableau workbook files are much like Microsoft Excel workbooks. They contain one or more sheets, which can be worksheets, dashboards, or stories. They allow you to organize, save, and share your results. The workbook is the container for all of your work in Tableau.
When you open Tableau, a blank workbook is automatically created. You can also create a new workbook by selecting File > New or by pressing Ctrl + N on your keyboard. You can open an existing workbook by doing one of the following:
  • Click the thumbnail image of the workbook on the start page. The start page shows workbooks that you’ve recently opened.
  • Select File > Open and navigate to the location of your workbook using the Open dialog box. Tableau workbooks have a .twb or .twbx file extension.
  • Double-click on any workbook file in the Windows explorer.
  • Drag any workbook file onto the Tableau desktop icon or onto the running application.
The workbook name is displayed in Tableau’s title bar.

You can open multiple workbooks simultaneously. Each workbook is shown in its own application window.