Status Bar

The status bar is located at the bottom of the Tableau workbook. It displays descriptions of menu items as well as information about the current view. For example, the status bar below shows that the view has 1864 marks shown in 1 row and 1 column. It also shows that the SUM(Sales) for all the marks is $30,434,456.08.
You can hide the status bar by selecting Window > Show Status Bar.
Occasionally, Tableau will display warning icons in the bottom right corner of the status bar to indicate errors or warnings. Below are the possible warning icons and what they mean.
Warning Icon
Cancel Query Indicator: When you cancel multiple queries, an indicator appears to show you how many queries are still running on the database and using resources. See Abandoned Queries for more information about managing these queries.
Precision Warning: Some fields are more precise in the database than Tableau can model. When you add these fields to the view a precision warning is displayed in the status bar. See Precision Warnings for more information about this warning.
Special Values Indicator: If your data contains null values, unknown geographic locations, or negative or zero values on a logarithmic axis; the values are shown with an indicator in the lower right corner of the view. Click the indicator for options for handling these values. See Special Values to learn more about this indicator and how to handle these values.

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