Zoom Controls

Tableau has a set of zoom controls that display in the upper left corner of the view. By default, these controls only display when you hover over a map view. You can control when the zoom controls display by selecting Worksheet > Show Zoom Controls and then select one of the following options:
  • Automatic – displays when you hover the mouse over map views.
  • Show on hover – displays when you hover the pointer over any kind of view.
  • Hide – never displays.
These settings also apply to the view when it is opened in Tableau Reader or Tableau Server. You must specify a setting for each worksheet.
The zoom controls allow you to zoom in and out, zoom to a specific area, and fix or reset the axes. Each control is described below.

Zoom In and Out

Zooming is useful when you have a lot of data in a view and you want to focus on a specific part of the view without excluding the rest. Click the plus button to zoom in on the view and the minus button to zoom out. If the zoom controls are hidden, double click the view to zoom in and hold down SHIFT and double-click to zoom out.

Area Zoom

Rather then zooming in and out on the entire view, you can select a specific area to zoom to. When you zoom in on an area, the view is enlarged so that the selected area fills the window. Select the Area Zoom button and then click and drag in the view to select the area to zoom. If the zoom controls are hidden, hold down CTRL + SHIFT and then drag the pointer to select the area you want to zoom to.

Reset Axes

When you zoom in or out the axes in the view are locked to a specific range. You can quickly reset the view back to the automatic axis range by clicking the Reset Axes button in the zoom controls. This button is also available on the toolbar.


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