Tableau Server

This topic describes how to connect Tableau to a Tableau Server data source.
  1. Click Connect to Data.
  2. Click Tableau Server.
  3. Type the name of the Tableau Server and click the Connect button.

  4. Type your username and password, and the click the Sign In button.

  5. You can sort the list by clicking on the headers in the table. Alternatively, search for a data source using the search box in the upper right corner. Click the Refresh button to refresh the list and show any new data sources. Select a data source in the list of published data sources. Tableau Server data sources are shown in the Data window with a Tableau icon.

When you’re connected to a Tableau Server data source, you can download a local copy by selecting the data source on the Data menu and then selecting Create Local Copy. A duplicate of the data source is added to the Data window.