Duplicating Sheets

Duplicating a sheet allows you to easily make a copy of a worksheet, dashboard, or story. You can then modify the sheet without losing the original version. To duplicate the active sheet, right-click the sheet tab and select Duplicate Sheet.
A crosstab (sometimes referred to as a Pivot Table) is a table that summarizes data in rows and columns of text. It is a convenient way to display the numbers associated with the data view.
To quickly create a cross-tab from a view, do the following: right-click the sheet tab and select Duplicate as Crosstab. You can also select Worksheet > Duplicate as Crosstab. This command inserts a new worksheet into your workbook and populates the sheet with a cross-tab view of the data from the original worksheet. (Dashboards and stories cannot be duplicated as crosstabs.)
There are other ways to see the numbers behind the data views. For example, you can mouse-over any mark to display the associated numbers in a tooltip. Click the View Data command at the bottom of the tooltip to view underlying data. You can copy and paste the data into Excel or another application.


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