Reorganizing the Workspace

Every worksheet contains a variety of cards, shelves, legends, and so on. You can reorganize the workspace by rearranging cards, hiding and showing specific parts of the workspace, and hiding everything but the view using Presentation Mode.

Rearranging Cards

A worksheet contains several cards that contain shelves, legends, and other controls. Each card can be rearranged to create a custom workspace.To move a card, point the cursor at the title area of the card you want to move. When the cursor becomes the move symbol Description:, click and drag the card to a new position. As you drag the card around the worksheet, the possible positions for it are highlighted with a black bar.
You can restore the worksheet windows to their default state by selecting Reset Cards on the Show/Hide Cards toolbar control.

Showing and Hiding Parts of the Workspace

Just about everything in the workspace can be turned on and off so you can avoid cluttering the worksheet with unnecessary cards, shelves, etc.
·         To show and hide the toolbar or status bar, select Window and then select what you want to hide.
·         To show and hide the window on the left side, which is either the Data window (for worksheets), the Dashboard window (for dashboards), or the Dashboards and Sheets window (for stories); click the Minimize button Description: the upper right corner of the window. The window is minimized to the bottom left corner of the workbook. Click the same button again to restore the window.
·         To show or hide a card click Show/Hide CardsDescription: on the toolbar and then select the card you want to show or hide.
You can restore the worksheet windows to their default state by selecting Reset Cards on the Show/Hide Cards toolbar control.

Presentation Mode

Sometimes you may want to use Tableau for presenting your findings. Rather than hiding each card or shelf one at a time, you can switch into Presentation Mode. Presentation Mode hides everything on the sheet except for the view and its associated legends, quick filters, parameter controls, and worksheet tabs.
  • To switch in and out of Presentation Mode, click the Presentation Mode Description: on the toolbar or select Window > Presentation Mode.
Use the presentation mode controls in the bottom right corner to move between sheets and more. Each presentation mode control is described below.
Show/Hide Filmstrip - switches between showing the sheet tabs as thumbnails and as tabs.
Previous/Next Sheet - advances forward or backward through the sheets in a workbook.
Enter/Exit Full Screen - switches between expanding the workbook to fill the entire screen or showing it in a window.
Exit Presentation Mode - returns the workbook to showing the entire workspace including the menus, toolbar, Data window, and so on.

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