Start Page

When you first open Tableau, the Start Page opens to help you get started quickly. The Start Page contains many different resources that are useful whether you are first learning or very experienced.
The Start Page displays when you open Tableau without specifying a workbook.
When Tableau is already open, you can navigate to the start page by clicking the Home icon in the top-right corner of the workbook:

The start page is split into the following sections:
  • Data – The data section lets you either connect to a new data source or quickly open a saved connection. By default sample data source connections are available. As you continue to create and save connections they’ll be added to the list. The start page lists any data source connections that are saved in your repository.
  • Workbooks – The workbooks section shows thumbnail images for workbooks you’ve recently opened. Click a thumbnail image to open the workbook. When you open Tableau for the first time, the Workbooks section will be blank. As you create a save new workbooks, the nine most recently opened are available on the start page.
    You can pin workbooks to the start page by clicking the pin icon that shows in the lower left corner when you hover the mouse over the workbook image. Pinned workbooks will always show on the start page even if they weren't opened recently. Remove the workbook by clicking the red "x" icon. The workbook is removed immediately but will be shown again with your most recently used workbooks the next time you open it.
    Pin a Workbook Remove a Workbook
  • Getting Started – The getting started section contains links to resources that can help you learn how to use Tableau. You can watch training videos and learn about other Tableau products.
  • Samples – The samples section contains several sample workbooks that show off the types of views you can create with Tableau Desktop. Click on a thumbnail image in the samples areas to open a sample workbook.


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