Abandoned Queries

When you cancel a query in Tableau, the database is told to stop processing the query. However, some databases do not support cancel (MS Excel, MS Access, Essbase, Microsoft Analysis Services 2000). If you cancel a query using one of these types of data sources, the query is abandoned by Tableau but is still running in the background and using resources. When you have abandoned queries, an indicator appears in the bottom right corner of the workbook showing the number of queries still running A graphic depicting the cancel query indicator that displays in the status bar.. As queries in the background complete, the number will go down. It is important to monitor the number of queries running and not let the number get too high, otherwise you will see performance degradation of both Tableau and the underlying database.
Text, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access data sources may be temporarily unavailable after canceling a query because of a lock performed internally. You may have to wait until the abandoned query has completed before re-connecting.

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