Combination Charts

When working with multiple measures in a view, you can customize the mark type for each distinct measure. For example, you can create a view with a line showing a target amount across several months and a bar chart showing the actual attainment for the months. These measures can be displayed as individual axes, blended axes, or dual axes.
Because each measure can have customized marks, you can customize the level of detail, size, shape, and color encoding for each measure too.

To customize the marks for a measure:
  1. Select the Marks card for the measure that you want to customize. There is a Marks card for each measure on the Rows and Columns shelves.

  2. Select a new mark type for the measure. Any changes to the mark type, shape, size, color, detail and other mark properties will be applied to the selected measure. For example, in the view below the SUM(Sales) Marks card is active. The Mark type has been changed to Bar and when Department is placed on Color, the encoding and level of detail is only applied to the SUM(Sales) marks. The SUM(Sales Plan) is not broken down by Department.

Select the All Marks card to modify properties for all measures at once.


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