Relative Date Filters

A relative date filter lets you define a range of dates that updates based on the date and time you open the view. For example, you may want to see Year to Date sales, all records from the past 30 days, or bugs closed last week. Relative date filters can also be relative to a specific anchor date rather than today. Follow the steps below to create a relative date filter.
  1. Drag a date field from the Data window and drop it on the Filters shelf.

  2. In the Filter Field dialog box, select Relative date and then click Next.

  3. The Filter dialog box opens showing the Relative to Now options. Select a unit of time to filter by. For example, to filter to show the last 2 quarters, select Quarters as the time unit.

  4. Use the rest of the controls to define the date filter. You can select from a variety of common options including current, previous, and next. By default, the filter is relative to today. To make the filter relative to an alternate date, select the Anchor relative to option in the bottom left corner and select the date to anchor to.
    The date period includes the current unit of time. For example, selecting Last 2 Quarters will include the current quarter and the previous quarter.

  5. When finished, click OK.

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