Example - Filtering Dimensions

This example filters headers and color encodings in a bar chart using the Filter dialog box. To filter the data, follow the steps below.
  1. Create the initial view shown below. It was created using the Superstore sample data source that comes with the product. The view shows the profitability for three product departments broken down by their ship mode and container.

  2. Create a basic filter on the Container dimension that excludes the Small Pack and Wrap Bag shipping containers.
    Drag the Container dimension to the Filters shelf to open the Filter dialog box. Click the None button at the bottom of the list to deselect all of the shipping containers. Then select the Exclude option in the lower right corner of the dialog box. Finally, select Small Pack and Wrap Bag. When finished click OK.

  3. The view updates to only show orders that were not shipped in a Small Pack or Wrap Bag.

  4. Now let’s refine the filter on Container by adding a limit. Right-click the Container field on the Filters shelf and select Filter. The Filter dialog box opens again. Leave the selections as they are.
  5. Switch to the Top tab and select By Field. Select Top 3 from first two drop-down lists. Then select Sales and SUM from the remaining drop-down lists. When finished click OK.

    The Top formula is computed after the selections on the General tab, which mean first Tableau computes all orders that were not shipped in Small Pack or Wrap Bag containers. Then the view shows just the top 3 of those orders in terms of sales.
  6. Now let’s add a new filter on Ship Mode to exclude orders that were shipped via Regular Air.
    Right-click the Regular Air row header and select Exclude. The Regular Air ship mode is removed from the view.

  7. Finally, let’s filter the Department dimension. Drag the Department dimension to the Filters shelf.
  8. In the Filter dialog box, clear the checkbox for Office Supplies.
The final view is shown below. Take a look at the Filters shelf. You can easily see that the view is filtered on three separate fields. To determine which values have been excluded, open the Filter dialog box for each of these fields.

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