Using Sets

After you create a set, it displays at the bottom of the Data window in the Sets area. You can then drag sets into the view like any other field. For example, you can drag the set to the Filter shelf to quickly filter the view to only show the members of the set. Alternatively, you can drag the set to the Marks card or the Rows and Columns shelves. When you drag a set to the view, you can choose to show the members of the set or aggregate the members into In/Out categories.

Show In/Out of Set

In most cases, when you drag a set to the view, Tableau displays the set using the In/Out mode. This mode separates the set into two categories: In, which contains the members in the set; and Out, which contains any members that are not part of the set. For example, in a set defined as the top 25 customers, the top customers would be part of the In category and all other customers would be part of the Out category. Using the In/Out mode makes it easy to compare the members in the set to everything else. You can use this mode to answer questions like "What percent of my total revenue comes from members of this set?"
Switch a set to use In/Out mode by selecting Show In/Out of Set on the field menu.
When a set is in In/Out mode, the field on the shelf is prefaced by the text, "IN/OUT" followed by the set name.
Note:In/Out mode is not available in workbooks created before version 8.2 that use Microsoft Excel or text file data sources, workbooks that use the legacy connection, or workbooks that use Microsoft Access data sources.

Show Members in Set

As an alternative to showing the set using In/Out mode, you can list the members in the set. Showing the members in the set automatically adds a filter to the view that includes only the members of the set.
Switch a set to list the individual members by selecting Show Members in Set on the field menu.
Note: For cubes, you can choose to display the fully qualified member names by right-clicking the set in the Data window and selecting Qualify Member Names.


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