Example - Filtering Dates

This example filters a line graph, to show the profit over a specific range of time. The steps are as follows:
  1. Create the initial view shown below. It was created using the Superstore sample data source. Place Order Date on to the Columns shelf and select Exact Date as the aggregation. Then place Profit onto the Rows shelf.

  2. Now let's filter the view to include only orders that were place between August 2, 2011 and May 1, 2009. To create this filter drag the Order Date field to the Filters shelf and select Range of Dates in the Filter Field dialog box. Then click Next.
    The Filter dialog box is shown below. It displays the Order Date limits. Use the drop-down date controls to specify a new lower limit of August 2, 2008 and an upper limit of May 1, 2009.

    The filtered view is shown below.

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