Adding Rows from a File

You can add new data to an extract from a file. For example, you may take an extract from a data warehouse that has the past ten years worth of data. However, new data has been kept in an Excel workbook. You can add the new data to the extract so that you can analyze the most recent information against the historical data.
Follow the steps below to add data from a file.
  1. Select a data source on the Data menu and then select Extract > Add Data From File.
  2. Browse to and select the file that has the new data.
  3. Specify any Joins or Custom SQL necessary. The columns in the file must match the columns in the extract.
  4. When finished, click OK.
The new rows are added to the extract. You can see a summary of the number of rows that were added by selecting a data source on the Data menu and then selecting Extract > History.
When you refresh this extract, the data will be replaced with the data from the original data source.

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