Combine Fields

Combine fields to create a cross product of members from different dimensions. You would combine dimensions if you want to encode a data view using multiple dimensions.
To combine the fields, select multiple dimensions in the Data window and then right-click the fields and select Combine Fields.
For multidimensional data sources, you must select levels from different hierarchies. In Tableau, multidimensional data sources are supported only in Windows.
For example, the selections shown below will produce a new field that consists of the Container and Customer Segment dimensions.

The two dimensions are combined into a new dimension. The name of the field is automatically created from the names of the original fields. Right-click the new field and select Rename to change the name.
When you use the new field in a view, a header is created for each combination of the two original dimensions. For example, the view below shows the members of the combined Customer Segment and Container fields.

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