Example - Data Blending on a Worksheet

This example uses two data sources: Sample - Superstore Sales (Excel) that comes with the application and an auxiliary Excel file that contains forecasted sales information. An example of each of their columns are shown below:
Follow the steps below to use data from both data sources on a single worksheet.
  1. Connect to Sample - Superstore Sales (Excel) and build a view that shows Sales by Customer Segment and Product Category.

  2. Select Data > Connect to Data and connect to the Sales Plan spreadsheet.
  3. Drag the Sales Plan measure to the Level of Detail shelf.

  4. Right-click the Sales axis and select Add Reference Line.

  5. In the Reference Line dialog box, add a reference line that shows Sales Plan per cell. When finished, click OK.

  6. The Worksheet is now pulling data from the secondary data source (Sales Plan) to show how actual sales compared to the forecasted sales.