Headers are created when you place a dimension or discrete field on the Rows shelf or the Columns shelves. The headers show the member names of each field on the shelves. For example, in the view below the column headers show the members of the Order Date field and the row headers show the members of the Category field.

You can show and hide row and column headers at anytime.
To hide headers:
  • Right-click the headers in the view and select Show Header.

To show headers:
  • Select the field in the view whose headers you want to show and select Show Header on the field menu.

Hiding headers can be useful when you are working with multiple measures. For example, the view below shows both the sales and profit for each region along a single axis. You can see the view looks cluttered with the Measure Names headers showing. Because Measure Names is also indicated by the mark color, you can hide the excess headers to clean up the view.

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