Hierarchies (For Relational Databases)

Unlike multidimensional data sources, relational data sources don’t have built in hierarchies. However, often relational data sources have related dimensions that have an inherent hierarchy. For example, a data source may have fields for Country, State, and City. These fields could be grouped into a hierarchy called Location. You can assemble relational hierarchies by dragging and dropping in the Data window.
  1. Drag a field in the Data window and drop it directly on top of another field.

    When you want to create a hierarchy from a field inside a folder, right-click the field and then select Create Hierarchy instead.
  2. When prompted, type a name for the relational hierarchy and click OK.

  3. Drag any additional fields into the hierarchy. You can also re-order fields in the hierarchy by dragging them to a new position.

Hierarchies support single click navigation up and down the levels. When you use the fields in the view, a plus button displays on the field so you can drill down and up in the hierarchy.

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