Measure Names

There are times that you will want to show multiple measures in a view and so you will use the Measure Values and the Measure Names fields. When you use Measure Names all of the measure names appear as row or column headers in the view. However, the headers include both the measure name and the aggregation label. So if you are showing the summation of profit the header displays as SUM(Profit). You can change the names so that they do not include the aggregation label by editing the member aliases of the Measure Names field. This feature becomes particularly useful when you are working with a text table that shows multiple measures. For example, suppose you have a text table containing the aggregated profit of each product department by region.

Now suppose you want to show both the Profit and the Sales for each department and region. When you add the Sales measure to the text table, the measures are combined and the Measure Values field is placed on Text. Additionally, the Measure Names field is added to the Rows shelf.

Notice how the header names removed the aggregation label by default. You may want to include the aggregations or call it "Total Profit" and "Total Sales." To change the measure names, right-click the Measure Names field on the Rows shelf and select Edit Aliases. Make the changes and click OK.

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