Replace Data Source

There are times when you may want to update a workbook or sheet to use a different data source. For example, you may have a workbook that was built against a local text file. However, the data source has since been published to Tableau Server and you want to connect to the published version. Rather than rebuild your workbook using the new connection, you can replace the data source.
Replacing the data source is available between:
  • Two relational data sources (on a server, local files, or extracts).
  • Two multidimensional data sources of the same type.
The two data sources do not have to be identical, however, any differences will affect the sheets in the workbook. Any fields that don’t exist in the new data source (or have a different name) will remain in the Data window but will be marked invalid. Additionally, you may see changes to custom sets, groups, and calculated fields that depend on the missing fields. Refer to Editing the Connection to learn replace field references to correct invalid fields.
Follow the steps below to replace a data source:
  1. Open a workbook that connects to the old data source.
  2. Select Data > Connect to Data and then connect to the new data source.
  3. Select Data > Replace Data Source.

  4. In the Replace Data Source dialog box, select the Current data source and the Replacement data source.

  5. When finished, click OK.
All worksheets and dashboards that used the original connection are updated to use the new data source. Click Undo on the toolbar to revert the change and return to your original connection.


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