All views can have a caption that is either automatically generated or manually created. The caption is displayed on the Caption card. To show the caption, select it on the View Cards toolbar menu or select Worksheet > Show Caption.

The caption is automatically generated by default, however, you can edit the caption by double clicking the Caption card. In Edit Caption dialog box, you can use change the font, size, color, and alignment and style.

Use the Insert menu to add automatic text such as page number, sheet name, and field and parameter values.
The caption can optionally be included when printing, printing to PDF, and publishing to Tableau Server. When you export the view as an image to another application like Microsoft PowerPoint, you can optionally include the caption.


  1. Hi

    This is quite a helpful blog. I have been facing an issue while using captions.
    For e.g. If I am displaying multi select filter in my caption and the filter has around 12-15 possible options. What Tableau does is when 8-10 options are selected it displays the text like this - Retailer1, Retailer2, Retailer3 and 8 more - inside the caption. Is there a way to get rid of the 8 more part and display all the filter values in the caption ??


  2. Where do I find the caption card? I can see where to turn the caption on or off but not how to get the card to edit the caption.