You can add a title to any worksheet or dashboard. For stories, a title is displayed by default but can be removed.
The title for any kind of sheet is displayed on aTitle card.

Show and Hide Titles

For a worksheet, select Worksheet > Show Title or click View Cards on the toolbar and then select the Title card.

On a dashboard, select DashboardShow Title.

By default, the title is the name of the sheet. Edit the title to change the text and include dynamic values such as page number and sheet name.
For a story, select StoryShow Title to add or remove a check mark. Story titles are displayed by default.

Edit Titles

  1. Right-click on the title and select Edit Title or double-click the title itself.
  2. In the Edit Title dialog box, type a new title. Use the Insert menu to add automatic text such as page number, sheet name, parameter values, and so on. Use the formatting options along the top of the dialog box to change the font, color, style, and alignment.

Reset the title back to the default by clicking Reset in the Edit Title dialog box.

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